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S.I.P.A project online

on 29 August 2003

In accordance with the principles of decentralized cooperation, Midi-Pyrenees and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs is funding a pilot project for the definition and sizing of a future information system on agricultural lots in Prahova County, Romania.

 Indeed, in the Common Agricultural Policy, each Member State is responsible for managing grants and aid funds (grants) to their citizens (farmers). So, these countries must have an informational and cartographic system to know and manage agricultural land which belong to operating assemblies and to control the compliance and legitimacy of request statements. The Midi-Pyrenees region, thanks to a long history of cooperation with Romania, has tasked a Franco-Romanian team with conducting a county-wide test (equivalent to a French department). It is expected that the results provided by the experiment to provide specifications for a future national system.