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Founded in 1961, the National Center for Space Studies (CNES) is the government agency responsible for shaping and implementing France's space policy. Its task is to design space systems of the future, bring space technologies to maturity and guarantee France's independent access to space.

CNES is a major player in the European space program, and a major source of initiatives and proposals that aim to maintain the competitive advantage of France and Europe.

CNES conceives and implements space programs together with its research community and industry partners, and it is closely involved in many international cooperation programs, the key to any major policy area.

Through its innovation ability and its vision, CNES enhances the promotion of new technologies that will bring benefits to the society as a whole, focusing on:

  • access to space
  • civil applications
  • earth, environment and climate
  • space sciences and preparing the future
  • security and defence

The Romanian Space Agency signed an agreement with CNES in 2000 during the ADAM project and in 2004, during the COROT mission.