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Echoes in Space Introduction to Radar Remote Sensing

on 01 November 2017

Echoes in Space is an open online course on Radar Remote Sensing. The course lasts for five weeks and requires an estimated time of three hours per week. The course is currently underway. However, registrations are open at any time as this course is self-paced.

Introduction to Radar Remote Sensing course is targeted at everyone wishing to work with radar images and understanding how they are used to monitor the state of our Earth, as well as at those interested to gain insights into the history of radar technology.

Participants will be guided by four course instructors: Chris Schmullius from the University of Jena, Iain Woodhouse from the University of Edinburgh, Chris Steward from RSAC c/o European Space Agency and Vincent Kerbaol from Collecte Localisation Satellites.

More details about the structure of the course and how you can subscribe can be accessed here.

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