23, July 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Software development and integration for access to large-scale atomic databases and analysis applications — DATOM

Coordinator: The National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR)

Partners: Essential Systems SRL

Period: 19 November 2012 – 19 November 2015

Project director: Viorica Stancalie

Project team: 

  • specialized human resources as well as  young  scientists are involved in numerical simulation
  • two project managers (from CO and P1)
  • scientific researchers
  • software analysts 
  • programmers 

Description: Support for physics related x-ray astrophysical observations providing  large scale relativistic atomic data for the Fe-peak elements (Co, Ni, Fe) and for the light elements such as C, N, O or Ar; 

Model the plasma emission spectra under extreme conditions;

Design and development of an advanced graph-based database for storing large amounts of data; the data communication system;

Expose system functionality through a Web portal. 

Project objectives:

  • Theoretical computations
  • Laboratory measurements and plasma modeling
  • Numerical simulations and databases
  • Advanced graph database for data representation and data processing
  • Web Portal


  • Astrophysical opacities and high precision atomic data
  • Large scale atomic data, laboratory experimental models
  • Laboratory measurements, plasma modeling
  • Numerical simulations: users feedback, security layer

Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

  • By producing a system able to handle large amounts of data, such as those collected by ESA missions, organizations using this new storage and classification system have an advantage for actively participating in the analysis of ESA released data.
  • Large scale atomic data calculation and laboratory measurements could provide contribution towards the GREAT-ESA-ESF project supporting spectroscopic studies for GAIA mission. 

Homepage: http://atomic.inflpr.ro/datom