17, February 2015

ESA Open Invitation To Tender AO8191
Open Date: 16/02/2015
Closing Date: 13/04/2015

Status: ISSUED
Reference Nr.: 14.1QC.04
Prog. Ref.: TRP
Budget Ref.: E/0901-01 – TRP
Tender Type: C
Price Range: 200-500 KEURO
Establishment: ESTEC
Directorate: Directorate of Technical & Quality Manag
Department: Product Assurance and Safety Department
Division: Space Materials&Components Evaluation Di
Contract Officer: Magne-Lie, Karine
Last Update Date: 16/02/2015
Update Reason: Tender issue

The objective of the proposed activity will be to assess the risk of SEE events in digital circuits, including different types of memories and microprocessors, to the high energy electron environment in the JUICE mission. Several generations of existing commercial test vehicles will be irradiated under a well-controlled (energy, flux) electron beam. The different types of observed SEE effectsunder high energy electrons (upsets, transients, stuck bits, etc) will be analysed and compared to SEEs induced by low and high energy protons. The SEE rate will be calculated for the JUICE environment. The activity will be divided in several phases, which will be conducted to the assess the sensitivity of several types of COTS devices to high energy electrons. Comparison with high/low energyprotons, and calculation of the SEE rate in the JUICE environment will also be performed. 1) Irradiation Feasibility: Survey of existing high energy electron facilities and their accessibility, type of beam (continuous or pulsed), beam dosimetry. Investigation ofpotential issues when testing with high energy electrons (such as electron charging). Proposal of alternative sources (X-ray, Co60)and demonstration of equivalence rules. 2) Selection of COTS devices: Analysis of the literature on high energy electron induced SEE effects. Survey of testable and representative commercially available products. This includes SRAMs, mass-storage memories like NAND-flash and DDR2-DDR3, and/or microprocessors. Procurement. 3) Test preparation: adaptation of an existing test equipment to the procured devices (hardware and software). Elaboration of test plan, for high energy electron irradiation, and (if test results are notalready existing) high and low energy proton irradiation. 4) Experiments: the experiments will be conducted in minimum two large test campaigns for electrons, and at least two additional test campaigns for high and low energy protons. 5) Analysis of test results,comparison with simulations of the charge deposited by high energy electrons in the sensitive volume of a typical DUT. 6) Calculation of the SEE rate in the JUICE environment. Procurement Policy: C(3) = Activity restricted to SMEs & R&D Entities. For additionalinformation please go to EMITS news “Industrial Policy measures for non-primes, SMEs and R&D entities in ESA programmes”.

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