8, September 2017

ESA Open Invitation to Tender AO8920
Open Date: 04/09/2017
Closing Date: 13/11/2017 13:00:00


Status: ISSUED
Reference Nr.: 17.1TT.63
Prog. Ref.: CC for Advanced Tech
Budget Ref.: E/0505-01C – CC for Advanced Tech
Tender Type: C
Price Range: 200-500 KEURO
Products: Ground Segment / Ground Station / Baseband equipment / Telemetry and Telecommand equipment, Tracking, Ranging and Doppler measurement equipment, CODECS, …
Techology Domains: Electromagnetic Technologies and Techniques / Antennas / Array Antennas and Standalone Radiators
Establishment: ESTEC
Directorate: Directorate Telecom & Integrated Applica
Department: Telecom Technologies,Product&Systems Dep
Division: Technologies and Product Division
Contract Officer: Engels, Wilhelm
Industrial Policy Measure: C2 – Activities in open competition, significant partecipat…
Last Update Date: 04/09/2017
Update Reason: Tender issue

The objective of this activity is to design, develop and test a Ku-band TV reception wall-mounted antenna that is eithercustomisable or self-aligning.Targeted Improvements: Enabling technology to allow mass production of customised either self-aligned or flat-mounted aesthetic antenna. Description: Many private users are reluctant or are not allowed to install parabolic antennas due to installation inconveniences and/or aesthetic reasons.This market can be reached by having a thin flat antenna design thatallows the terminal to be easily transported and flat-mounted in a good-looking manner.Two solutions can address this market: a)Electronic self-alignment or b)A customised antenna that is built with a pre-set pointing for a specific location.These issues can be addressed by combining antenna technologies like patch array or flat lens with new manufacturing processes like inkjet printingand photolithography. The solutions can be used for both fixed and portable terminals.This activity aims at using an advanced manufacturing process to allow the potential mass production of Ku-band TV reception antenna that reduces user installation pointing interaction and its visual impact thus improving customer acceptance.This activity is expected to provide the following deliverables:.Analysis of the requirements including bandwidth, pointing accuracy and field of view. This should lead to the selection of the most suitable technology and manufacturing process..One (or more) prototype manufacturing implementation to demonstrate the applicability of this concept to DTH antennas.Procurement Policy: C(2) = A relevant participation (in terms of quality and quantity) of non-primes (incl. SMEs) is required. For additional information please go to EMITS news “Industrial Policy measures for non-primes, SMEs and RD entities in ESA programmes”.

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