Participation to the scientific ESA Programmes — STAR SCIENCE
23, July 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Participation to the scientific ESA Programmes — STAR SCIENCE

Coordinator: Institute of Atomic Physics 


  • Institute of Space Science (ISS)
  • University of Bucharest-Department of Physics (UB-FF)
  • Babes-Bolyai University – Institute of Technology (UBB)
  • Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy (AIRA)


Project director: Florin Dorian Buzatu

Project team:

Description: Given the fact that Romania is a recent member of ESA (since 2011), in order to achieve a fair return on its membership funds in a timely manner it is absolutely necessary for Romania to implement a clearly defined National Strategy for the development of its R&D and T&E space science and space exploration capabilities.

Project objectives:

  • Define and identify scientific niches;
  • Developing a National Strategy for the period 2012-2020; 
  • Providing scientific support for the development of a Romanian point of view to the Council of Ministers of ESA.


  • WP1 – Development of the Strategy of the Space Science and Exploration of Cosmic Space 2012
  • WP2 – Strategy and support activities development for ROSA participation to the scientific ESA Programmes 2013
  • WP3 – Romania participation to the scientific ESA Programmes 2014
  • WP4 – National Infrastructure for Space Science Development 2015

Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

  • National Strategy in the field
  • Identifying new niches CDI space science:
  • This project will be the basis of the development of the Romanian space programs integrated to ESA programs. 
  • The assessment of current Romanian space policies, and the assessment of the research teams which may be constantly involved in space research, as well as of the industrial partners may open a new direction of joint research and of collaborative projects with ESA.