14, July 2020

ESA Open Invitation to Tender AO10408
Open Date: 13/07/2020
Closing Date: 14/09/2020 13:00:00

Status: ISSUED
Reference Nr.: 20.154.09
Prog. Ref.: NAVISP Phase 2 E1
Budget Ref.: E/0365-40 – NAVISP Phase 2 E1
Tender Type: C
Price Range: > 500 KEURO
Technology Domains: RF Systems, Payloads and Technologies / Radio Navigation Systems/Subsystems / Ground Receivers
Establishment: ESTEC
Directorate: Directorate of Navigation
Department: Strategy and Programme Department
Division: NAVISP Programme Office
Contract Officer: Strzelecki, Patryk Michal
Industrial Policy Measure: N/A – Not apply
Last Update Date: 13/07/2020
Update Reason: Tender issue

The aim of the activity is to study and develop cooperative positioning and integrity concepts and algorithms that would be suitable for autonomous vehicle platooning mission. Vehicle platooning is a promising feature that is expected to be provided by early self-driving cars, trucks and other vehicles as it involves a human driver that is either physically present or is remotely controlling the vehicle at the platoon lead. In the frame of this activity, GNSS constitutes a key enabler of the cooperative positioning and shall be further hybridised with Vehicle-to-Vehicle relative ranging. The concept shall exploit inter-vehicular communication, synchronised primarily by GNSS, and employ suitable integrity algorithms. The activity envisions development of a hardware test platform comprising scaled vehicle fleet, that along with a detailed definition of the mission use cases, requiremetns and test scenarios, willbe used as a demonstrator in the field trials.

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