7, June 2019

ESA Open Invitation to Tender AO9882
Open Date: 04/06/2019
Closing Date: 16/07/2019 13:00:00

Status: ISSUED
Reference Nr.: 19.179.07
Prog. Ref.: PECS Bulgaria
Budget Ref.: E/0908-10 – PECS Bulgaria
Special Prov.: BG
Tender Type: C
Price Range: 100-200 KEURO
Products: Non Space Procurement/Services
Technology Domains: Others
Establishment: ESTEC
Directorate: Directorate of Ind., Proc. & Legal Serv.
Department: Industrial Policy and Auditing Dept.
Contract Officer: Seynaeve, Christophe Rene R.
Industrial Policy Measure: N/A – Not apply
Last Update Date: 04/06/2019
Update Reason: Tender issue

The objectives of this contract shall be a feasibility study to assess the development potential of Bulgarias industrial capabilities with potential in the space sector, its technologies and readiness to collaborate with the European Space Agency. In this study,a review and evaluation of Bulgarias capabilities and potential in the space sector will be performed. In addition, a full list ofentities with potential to enter the space market will be gathered and this potential will be evaluated via a methodological approach that will need to be developed and verified. In addition, the feasibility study will include recommendations for the development of Bulgarias space policy that will maximise the niches that exist or could be developed in Bulgaria towards a closer cooperationwith ESA.

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