16, April 2020

ESA Open Invitation to Tender AO10251
Open Date: 01/04/2020
Closing Date: 09/06/2020 13:00:00

Status: ISSUED
Reference Nr.: 20.187.04
Prog. Ref.: Routine PDGS Tech En
Budget Ref.: E/E014-01 – Routine PDGS Tech En
Tender Type: C
Price Range: 200-500 KEURO
Products: Ground Segment / Mission Operations / Other
Technology Domains: Space System Software / Earth Observation Payload Data Exploitation / Data and Information Processing and Exploitation
Establishment: ESRIN
Directorate: Directorate of EO Programmes
Department: EO Mission Management & GS Department
Division: EO Mission Mngmt & Product Quality Div.
Contract Officer: Schwarz, Nathalie
Industrial Policy Measure: N/A – Not apply
Last Update Date: 15/04/2020
Update Reason: Loaded a new Clarification(English version)

The first atmospheric Copernicus Sentinel-5 Precursor mission, launched in October 2017, provides operational space-borne observations in support to the operational monitoring of air quality, ozone surface UV, and climate. The Sentinel-5 Precursor spectrometer,TROPOMI, extends the measurements of ESAs ENVISATs SCIAMACHY instrument and Aura’s OMI instrument (NASA), with improved quality and spatial resolution and is a precursor satellite for the upcoming Sentinel-4 and Sentinel-5 Copernicus missions. The accuracy of trace gas abundances, cloud aerosol information retrieved from satellite measurements relies, among other things, on the quality ofthe spectroscopic data being used in the retrieval. Uncertainties in existing spectroscopic databases are causing systematic errorsinsatellite retrievals. Improved knowledge about spectroscopy in the NIR and IR wavelength range for the trace gases carbon dioxide, oxygen, water vapour and cloud aerosol information is needed. The challenging scientific requirements for the existing Sentinel-5 Precursor products (e.g. consistent cloud information in different spectral regions like the Oxygen A and B bands) and upcoming atmospheric Copernicus Sentinel missions (e.g. CO2M Carbon Dioxide measurements) require new spectroscopy laboratory measurements, analysis, and validation.This intended ITT will be published on EMITS under the following reference numbers AIRN number 20.187.04 and AO number: 1-10251.This Invitation to Tender will be issued by the European Space Agency (ESA). It will be open exclusively to economic operators that have their registered office in an EU Member State or UK, Iceland or Norway. The European Space Agency (ESA) will make the ITT (Cover Letter, Statement of Work, Special Conditions of Tender, Draft Contract) available on its tendering website(EMITS In order to access the ITT package from EMITS, a Tenderer must be registered as a potential ESA Tenderer. Any potential Tenderers wishing to register with ESA as a potential Tenderer is requested to complete the online questionnaire on the esa-star registration website: While the registration processisunderway, Tenderers are informed, however, that before submitting a proposal they must at least have completed the light registration as explained in the esa-star Registration Manual:

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