23, July 2014

PROJECT TITLE: GPU in GRID for space science and technology — GUIDE

Coordinator: The Institute of Space Science (ISS)

Partners: Trans Sped

Period: 19 November 2012 – 18 December 2014

Project director: Sorin Zgura

Project team: CO: (total 17): key persons: Ion-Sorin Zgura, Titi Preda, Ionel Stan

P1: ( total 5)  MANAILA Viky-Teodora, FILIP Cristian Octavian, VLASCEANU Flavia Mirona Adriana

Description: The project aims to create a library collections of methods, algorithms for specific applications with the help of new tools developed using GPU programming languages connected with GRID infrastructure through PKI certificate. GUIDE will involve and address specific needs of a number of new multidisciplinary scientific communities (space science, high energy physics, computational chemistry, IT security, etc.) and thus stimulate the use and expansion of the emerging new national HPC infrastructure and its services. 

Project objectives:

O1 – Creating multi-disciplinary virtual organizations communities 

  • engages multi-disciplinary research communities from the partners  in close collaboration in a number of scientific fields with specific needs in massively parallel execution on powerful computing resources. 
  • aims to enable application porting and support for these major scientific fields on the partner HPC infrastructure.

O2 – Deploying integrated infrastructure for virtual research communities

  • creates an eInfrastructure by partnership of ISS’s (CO) resources and upcoming  TRANS SPED Ltd partner’s 1(P1) resource
  • effective integration of the of the partnership end-to-end eInfrastructure = purposes of the infrastructure is to serve the new user communities, which typically do not have easy access to an eInfrastucture facility.


  • Phase 1: Study of the GRID and GPU infrastructures (hardware and software)
  • Phase 2: Deployment of the GRID middware and Developing and Testing specific applications
  • Phase 3: Deployment and Benchmarking GPU specific activities in GRID

Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

The project work packages conform with the objectives of the STAR Program and with the ESA GSTP, PRODEX  and with the Space Situational Awareness (SSA ) Preparatory Programme. The GUIDE project will implement the relatively new GPU technology in GRID computing for developing new data center. The implementation will use the GPU potential to execute jobs in parallel and the GRID potential to execute many distributed jobs with large storage area.

In the context of the BIG DATA community, the main aim will be to bring the existing occasional research contacts to the full collaborative research effort in the international collaboration (ESA), and to establish the community which will exchange people (both students and experienced researchers) and know-how, share resources that already exist or will be deployed during the project, and work together on implementing and using HPC algorithms and codes developed.