3, March 2015

ESA Open Invitation To Tender AO7980
Open Date: 25/02/2015
Closing Date: 13/04/2015

Status: ISSUED
Reference Nr.: 14.112.01
Prog. Ref.: TRP
Budget Ref.: E/0901-01 – TRP
Tender Type: C
Price Range: 200-500 KEURO
Establishment: ESOC
Directorate: Directorate Human Spaceflight & Operatio
Department: Ground Systems Engineering Department
Division: Data System Infrastructure Division
Contract Officer: Bednarek, Maren
Last Update Date: 25/02/2015
Update Reason: Tender issue

Test driven methodologies are often seen associated to agile developments, but can also function on their own. In the test driven approach, product functionalities are associated to specific tests during the early stages of the development lifecycle. The development of a new functionality often starts by running the associated test and confirm that it fails. This represents a major change compared to traditional waterfall developments where tests are formalized during software coding loosely based on the application requirements. The main objective of the activity is to allow the use of test driven methodologies in a real environment (i.e. developmentof generic infrastructure for MCS and EGSEs) where different software components are deliverd by different entities based on requirements and following an approach more close to waterfall than to agile. This will be achieved by identifying a methodology that formalizes the definition of components and interfaces (contract) in a way that: a) The components can be developed by a third party and b) Integration tests can be derived from these definitions. As part of the activity, it will be necesary to identify existing tools,approaches and tailoring / best practices followed when applying the ECSS SW Engineering standards to real generic infrastructure developments… A prototype implementing the concepts would also be desirable. Example code will be used to provide a proof of concept. The deliverables will be: TN 0 – Market research for existing tools and techniques TN 1 – Definition of components and interfacesusing a formalized contract (high level approach). TN 2 – Static specification of component interfaces TN 3 – Dynamics specification of the interface TN 4 – Derivation of test cases using a formalized contract TN 5 – Automatic generation of tests based on the formalized contract TN 5 – Completeness verification of integration testing based on the existing contracts and the test definitions TN6 – SUM of prototype SW 1 – Prototype tools SW 2 – Example code

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