24, July 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Flexible Processing of Big Earth Data Over High Performance Computing Architectures — BIGEARTH


  • CGIS (Computer Graphics and Interactive Systems) Laboratory
  • Computer Science Department, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca 


Period: 29 November 2013 – 29 November 2016

Project director: Dorian Gorgan

Project team: 44 PM

8 researchers,  4 PhD students, 1 MSc student


  • Explore techniques and methodologies to develop and execute analytics on Big Earth Data
  • Provide flexible and interactive description of HPC processing (High Performance Computing)

Focus on:

  • Access data, knowledge, and information
  • User’s access to simple and complex processing algorithms
  • Processing scheduling
  • Execution performance
  • High performance platforms: 
  • Grid
  • Cloud
  • Multicore
  • Cluster
  • Interoperability based on 
  • OGC standard services

Project objectives:

  • Flexible description of processing for knowledge extraction from big Earth Observation (EO) data
  • HPC oriented solutions for adaptive and portable processing of EO analytics
  • EO data processing interoperability based on OGC standard services
  • EO oriented development methodologies based on flexible and adaptive complex processing
  • Use case development and experimental validation for representative EO use cases


  • WP1 – Project Management
  • WP2 – Earth Observation data models
  • WP3 – Flexible description and adaptive processing solutions
  • WP4 – High performance computing infrastructures
  • WP5 – Use case development and experimental validation
  • WP6 – Disemination and publication

Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

Homepage: BIGEARTH