23, May 2016

ESA Open Invitation To Tender AO8604
Open Date: 12/05/2016
Closing Date: 24/06/2016 13:00:00

Status: ISSUED
Reference Nr.: 16.129.05
Prog. Ref.: TRP
Budget Ref.: E/0901-01 – TRP
Tender Type: C
Price Range: 200-500 KEURO
Products: Launchers / Mechanisms / Mechanisms – Units / Hold down and release
Launchers / Avionics / On-Board Computers / *See Software
Technology Domains: Optoelectronics / Detector Technologies / Infrared detectors. (NIR¿FIR)
Establishment: ESTEC
Directorate: Directorate of Technical & Quality Manag
Department: Mechanical Engineering Department
Division: Mechatronics and Optics Division
Contract Officer: Jeusset, Benjamin
Industrial Policy Measure: C1 – Activities in open competition limited to the non-Larg…
Last Update Date: 12/05/2016
Update Reason: Tender issue

Avalanche photodiode detectors have the capability to offer significant increases in signal to noise ratio in applications where the available photon count is low, either due to low signal flux or high sampling rate. The internal avalanche process can provide a near noiseless signal gain, overcoming the limit typically set by the detector (pre-) amplifier in normal photodiode detectors. The aims of this activity are: – to clarify the current state-of-the-art with regard to MCT APD array detectors – to investigate the potential advantages (and/or limitations) of the technology over standard MCT detectors for different science missions applications (Astronomy, Planetary, Exploration and 3D camera) via a detailed analysis including radiometric performances and operations – to test and characterise existing APD arrays from European MCT detector manufacturers. This testing shall include an investigation of radiation effects – produce a detector development roadmap Procurement Policy: C(1) = Activity restricted to non-prime contractors (incl. SMEs). For additional information please go to EMITS news “Industrial Policy measures for non-primes, SMEs and RD entities in ESA programmes”.

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