14, April 2022

ESA Open Invitation to Tender: 1-11287
Open Date: 25/03/2022 17:07 CEST
Closing Date: 09/05/2022 13:00 CEST

As part of the Long-Term Strategy of the ESAC Science Data Centre, a number of activities have been identified that go beyond the basic archives development and operational work mandated by the different ESA Science Missions and are required to maximise the scientific return of the data in ESA Science Archives.They include the data curation and legacy archive support, the ingestion of valuable data products generated by the scientific community using data from ESA Science missions, the development of a unified portal to access all science-ready Astronomical data from ESA, the official registration of the datasets via Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)to facilitate the indexing all major data search engines and the development and operations of the Euro-VO Registry, supporting the Virtual Observatory ecosystem. In particular, this work includes the repatriation of any available high-level science products from the European Union-funded projects related to certain ESA science missions as agreed with the corresponding Principal Investigators of such programmes. The goal of this activity is to procure to ESA these supporting activities during a period of two years and within the ESDC quality standards.

Directorate: Directorate of Science
Estabilishment: ESAC
ECOS Required: No
Classified: No
Price Range: > 500 KEURO
Authorised Contact Person: Javier Delgado
Initiating Service: SCI-SA
IP Measure: N/A
Prog. Reference: E/0429-01 – SCI-S Archive, IT, D; E/0429-05 – LTDP+; E/0498-01 – LTDP-2 (SRE)
Tender Type: Open Competition
Technology Keywords: 26-OTHERS
Products Keywords: 4-A-4-Other

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