24, July 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Diamond Detectors for Particle Spectrometry Experiments in Space — DIADEMS

Coordinator: National Inst. for Lasers Plasma and Radiation Physics – Institute for Space Sciences (NILPRS – ISS) 


Period: November 2013 – November 2016

Project director: Mircea Iuliu Ciobanu

Project team:

  • 5 PhD: Adrian Blagau, Mircea Ciobanu, Horia Comisel, Dragos Constantinescu, Octav Marghitu 
  • 2 young scientists: Costel Bunescu, Vlad Constantinescu
  • 1 technician: Gavril Tordai

Description: DIADEMS will address the development of a large area continuous position sensitive diamond detector (LAcpsDD) , based on the cheap poly-crystalline (pc) diamond substrate. The detector will be suitable to space and ground applications, with emphasis on particle spectrometry.

Project objectives:

  • Definition of the proper geometry and parameters of the DD and front-end electronics (FEE).
  • Realization of two prototypes, PT1 and PT2, consisting of DD–FEE ensembles, with two detector configurations, DD1 and DD2.
  • Tests of the two prototypes. PT1 and PT2.


  • WP1 – Optimizing DD configurations and FEE 
  • WP2 – Realization of PT1 and PT2 prototypes
  • WP3 – Testing of PT1 and PT2
  • WP4 – Management and reporting

Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

  • Strengthening of a research niche at national and international level.
  • Development and promotion of the national space research capacity.
  • Support to the development of a highly professional research team and its international visibility
  • Enables high quality scientific production by results at international level.