17, July 2020

ESA Open Invitation to Tender AO10404
Open Date: 15/07/2020
Closing Date: 04/09/2020 13:00:00

Status: ISSUED
Reference Nr.: 20.132.03
Prog. Ref.: Technology Developme
Budget Ref.: E/0901-01 – Technology Developme
Tender Type: C
Price Range: 200-500 KEURO
Products: Satellites & Probes / On-board Data Management / On Board Data Management ¿ BB / Onboard Communcation (MIL-STD-1553, CAN, SpW, Sensor Bus, Wireless)
Technology Domains: Space System Software / Space Segment Software / Methods and Tools for Onboard Software Engineering Processes
Establishment: ESTEC
Directorate: Directorate of Tech, Eng. & Quality
Department: Systems Department
Division: Software Systems Division
Contract Officer: Seynaeve, Christophe Rene R.
Industrial Policy Measure: N/A – Not apply
Last Update Date: 15/07/2020
Update Reason: Tender issue

To develop a deterministic network based protocol for highly critical -mixed criticality mission communication for ESA programs with a data throughput higher than the one offered by MIL-STD-1553. The space community is familiar, when using a platform bus or commanding a payload, with MIL-1553B and its reliable and simple mechanism to convey command messages to all the spacecraft units. The MIL-1553B communication protocol (ECSS-E-ST-50-14C) is based on the Time-division multiple access (TDMA) mechanism, which is a channel access method for shared-medium networks. It allows several users to share the same frequency channel by dividing the signal intodifferent time slots. The TDMA mechanism confers to the communication the deterministic and timely behavior. The speed of the MIL-1553B bus is now insufficient for some scenario of commanding (such as medium frequency, medium data size, time critical, medium or high Quality Of Service)The activity intends to develop a fully-fledged solution for ESA programs with a data throughput higher thanthe one offered by MIL-STD-1553, with the development of a prototype on a demonstrator. The topic is closely followed by the SAVOIRgroup (an avionics harmonisation group including agencies, primes and suppliers). The sub-group SAVOIR-UNION is in charge of steering the decision on the technology for this link. Several candidates have been identified. They are currently characterized by the group (technical and programmatic criteria) in order to allow them to advise on the selected technology.SOLO andBEPI lessons learnt reinforces the need of improving the technology. SAVOIR-Union group is working on the identification of missions in relation with thecharacterization of the links. This activity encompasses the following tasks:- consolidation of the user needs and the generation of the requirements (derived from the SAVOIR generic requirements)- development of the protocol- developmentof a prototype (demonstrator)

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