18, October 2021

ESA Open Invitation to Tender: 1-11002
Open Date: 30/09/2021 13:42 CEST
Closing Date: 12/11/2021 13:00 CEST

The DD concept is feasible up to the frequencies where LNAs can be employed. This frequency boundary is expected to to reach 600 GHz in near term. Together with the LNA, another enabling block of the DD receiver is the detector, that has to operate directly at the RF. Typically, biased high-barrier or un-biased low-barrier GaAs Schottky diodes are employed as detectors. However, the traditional Schottky detectors are rather insensitive, have high 1/f noise and require large amount of amplification in the receiver chain. In attempts to circumvent the above drawbacks, low-barrier zero-bias Schottky technology has turned out to be promising. As the LNA technology is approaching frequencies well excess 300 GHz and soon 600 GHz, there is an opportunity for the DD concept, and accordingly an urgent need for low-noise detector developments above the previous 89 GHz developed for MetOp-SG. The DD concept is an enabler for wideband channel radiometers on small platforms. In addition it would be very beneficial in multipixel imaging and push broom instruments on larger platforms by allowing dense placement of antenna elements and great reduction of complexity. This activity aims at responding to the needs of future direct detection receivers above 89 GHz by developing sensitive, linear, and low-noise detectors based on novel technologies, such as zero-bias Schottky and resonant tunneling device, at dedicated frequencies above 89 GHz witha target up to 660 GHz. Procurement Policy: C(1) = Activity restricted to non-prime contractors (incl. SMEs). For additional information please go to this link.

Directorate: Directorate of Tech, Eng. Quality
Estabilishment: ESTEC
ECOS Required: No
Classified: No
Price Range: 200-500 KEURO
Authorised Contact Person: Maxime Nicolas Gislain Guy
Initiating Service: TEC-EFE
IP Measure: C1
Prog. Reference: E/0901-01 – Technology Developme
Tender Type: Open Competition
Technology Keywords: 6-D-III-EO Instruments
Products Keywords: 2-I-1-c-Microwave radiometers

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