24, August 2018

ESA Open Invitation to Tender AO9405
Open Date: 22/08/2018
Closing Date: 03/10/2018 13:00:00

Status: ISSUED
Reference Nr.: 18.112.05
Prog. Ref.: Operations Core Func
Budget Ref.: E/E008-01 – Operations Core Func
Tender Type: C
Price Range: > 500 KEURO
Products: Ground Segment / Mission Operations / Mission Control / Operational Support (POD, GNSS, DDOR, …)
Techology Domains: Flight Dynamics and GNSS / GNSS High-Precision Data Processing / GNSS and Geodetic Data Processing
Establishment: ESOC
Directorate: Directorate of Operations
Department: Ground Systems Engineering Department
Division: Navigation Support Office
Contract Officer: Rodriguez Perulero, Marta
Industrial Policy Measure: N/A – Not apply
Last Update Date: 22/08/2018
Update Reason: Tender issue

Precise Orbit Determination (POD) of the Sentinel satellites is required for the exploitation of the scientificdata of the payloadsof these satellites. In particular for the Sentinel-1 -2 and -3 series of satellites, specificrequirements have been defined for the POD quality. This POD activity is being delivered as a service fromindustry. For generation of POD solutions, the most important input data are GPS observations, and the qualityof the solutions is related directly to the accuracy of the GPS orbit and clock solutions used in the processing.Delivery of precise solutions for GPS orbits and clock offsets is therefore equally part of this service.Since the launch of Sentinel-1A, the Navigation Support Office in ESOC has been delivering independentPOD solutions for all Sentinels, with the aim to evaluate the accuracy of the industrial service, and to supportits improvement. This service has been part of the GMES programme, and will now be acquired under theCopernicus programme. It shall have the following aims:- To provide independent POD solutions of all Sentinel spacecraft, aiming at the highest possible accuracy, inorder to validate the operational service delivered by industry- To provide independent POD solutions for the GPS constellation, used in the POD process, but also,optionally, as a backup to the GPS products delivered by industry- To provide POD solutions also for future Sentinel Spacecraft (as needed)- Toprepare for the transition to POD based on GPS and GalileoThe Invitation to Tender will be issued by the European Space Agency (ESA). It will be open exclusively toeconomic operators that have their registered office in an EU Member State or Iceland or Norway.The European Space Agency (ESA) will make the ITT (Cover Letter, Statement of Work, Special Conditions ofTender, Draft Contract) available on its tendering website (EMITS on its dedicated Copernicus server ( order to access the ITT package from EMITS, a Tenderer must be registered as a potential ESA Tenderer.Any potential Tenderers wishing to register with ESA as a potential Tenderer is requested to complete theonline questionnaireon the esa-star registration website: While the registrationprocess is underway, Tenderers may access the ITT package through ESAs dedicated Copernicus server,which is accessible at: are informed, however, that before submitting a proposal they must at least have completed the lightregistration as described in the following esa-star Registration Manual: information on the registration process can be found on the Industry Portal pages available at:

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