17, February 2017

ESA Open Invitation To Tender AO8808
Open Date: 17/02/2017
Closing Date: 31/03/2017 13:00:00


Status: ISSUED
Reference Nr.: 16.197.20
Prog. Ref.: General Studies
Budget Ref.: E/0600-00 – General Studies
Tender Type: C
Price Range: 200-500 KEURO
Products: Satellites & Probes / Materials / Non-metallic
Techology Domains: Others
Establishment: ESTEC
Directorate: Directorate of Technical & Quality Manag
Department: System, Software & Technology Department
Division: Future Prep. & Strategic Studies Off.
Contract Officer: Anastasiia Bezulenko
Industrial Policy Measure: N/A – Not apply
Last Update Date: 17/02/2017
Update Reason: Tender issue

In this study, it is proposed to address the concept of printing lunar habitat and to look at the technology from a broad system perspective. This means not only having a printer to build habitats but to define all the ancillaries equipment required to operate it. This also means establishing other AM technologies that would be required to facilitate the production of the inner equipment required by the crew either to improve the habitability of the base, process food based on a limited number of elements, but also to produce the required spare parts ensuring the safety. This also includes the design and management of the materials from the early design of such mission to ensure a fully waste free cycle; the possible transformation of high-end materials in other with a less critical function down to even organic nutrients. This system approach shall eventually address the possibilities of using the resources available locally to, on the one hand, maintain the equipment brought from Earth to build the settlement and, on the other hand, increase the quality / diversity of resources available for the crew.

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