Advanced X-Ray Imaging System for Space and Aeronautics Components Structural Integrity Investigation DualXScan
23, July 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Advanced X-Ray Imaging System for Space and Aeronautics Components Structural Integrity Investigation DualXScan

Coordinator: ACCENT PRO 2000 S.R.L. (AP2K) –R&D private company

X-Ray Imaging for NDT and Security applications


Period: November 2012 – Mai 2015

Project director: Mihai Iovea

Project team: 3 Research Scientists, 3 Engineers and various auxiliary personnel

Description: The project aims to study, design and prototype development of a new portable advanced X-Ray scanning system with main applications in Space and Aeronautics mechanical parts internal structure investigation, based on transmission and backscattered X-Ray radiation images analysis. The system use high-resolution, low-noise and high-speed technical solutions allowing in depth analysis of composite or complex internal structure of scanned objects, based on using two innovative and unique solutions: X-Ray transmission scan by a TDI (Time Delay Integration) X-ray linear array detector and a backscattering radiation set-up. The project main goal is to develop two X-ray scanning equipments for covering the most demanded NDT X-Ray investigations, even in situation when not all sides of scanned object are accessible.

Project objectives:

  • A transmission based imaging equipment named XSCAN-T containing a high-energy X-Ray source and a Flat Panel X-Ray detector specially designed and developed within present project. It is based on internal synchronized translation with data aquisition from a TDI linear array X-ray detector, an innovative sollution that introduces a new quality in X-Ray transmission imaging by its high signal to noise ratio (1:14000) achieved at very high speed (5-12cm/s) and with its very high resolution (50-100 microns pixel size) images.
  • An X-Ray back scattering based imaging system named XSCAN-B, a fully innovative solution developed within project, containing a portable X-ray source having a programmable collimator and a collimated linear array detector, all representing a selective device for scanning the objects by measuring backscattered X-Ray intensities from various depth, for obtaining its full 3D image and revealing internal features, including defects.


  • Phase 1 – Preliminary studies
  • Phase 2 – Design of experimental laboratory X-ray setups 
  • Phase 3 – Designing laboratory experimental setups, preliminary tests
  • Phase 4 – Designing laboratory models XSCAN-T and XSCAN-B
  • Phase 5 – Implementation of algorithms, software development and experiments
  • Phase 6 – Making laboratory  models, determining technical features and demonstration 

Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

Providing expertise and investigation services for X-Ray high-resolution NDT analysis by digital radiography and computed tomography for all kind of aerospace systems’ parts and components, such as : frames, blocks, joints, solders, welds, sensors, boards, electronics, composites sandwiches and for any other micro-structured materials.

Providing services with portable and laboratory –based X-Ray systems for structural integrity analysis with resolution from 200 microns up-to 4 microns pixel size

Materials internal structure study by successive degradation analysis

Homepage: Advanced X-Ray Imaging System for Space and Aeronautics Components Structural Integrity Investigation DualXScan