23, July 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Advanced Electromagnetic Emissions Security System for Earth satellite station networks data protection — SPEC

Coordinator: Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency (METRA) 


Period: 19 November 2012 – 18 November 2015

Project director:

  • PhD. eng. Boteanu Adina Otilia
  • Project team: Project Manager
  • 2 Team managers
  • 8 Skills/competencies
  • 4 specialized support

Description: The aim of “Advanced Electromagnetic Emissions Security System for Earth satellite station networks data protection – SPEC” project is to find a group of technologically „best solutions” for IT&COM equipments emissions security and EMI protection, keeping the original configurations and performances of the products. This project is devoted to develop a system to ensure emission security protection, which refers to apply technical measures to isolate and protect from an electromagnetic point of view information processing equipments from their surroundings. 

Project objectives:

  • new classes of EMI protection screens realization 
  • software optimization of the electromagnetic-EM screens
  • new advanced system for shielding compromising EM emisions achievement
  • data safety using alternative new classes of materials to perform electromagnetic shield screens


  • WP1 – Studies and researches regarding EM shielding for IT and communications equipments
  • WP2 – Modeling, analysis and optimization of EM  shielding 
  • WP3 – Experimental model design and achievement 
  • WP4 – Experimental model testing and  evaluation

Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

The information is transmitted or received from earth stations data networks were are processed, analyzed and stored using IT and communications equipments that could represent major electromagnetic emissions security risks. 

There is no need to evaluate risks derived from an information security breach; classified data owners are already informed about that. There are also particular scenarios of ad-hoc data networks implementation in unknown and unsecured areas according to specific applications. 

All this crisis situations could be solved using alternative technologies to classical EMSEC protection tools. We, also, want to encourage friendly environment technologies in the electromagnetic shielding products industry and not only for the EMSEC field

Homepage: SPEC