PROJECT TITLE: Laser-Plasma Acceleration of Particles for Radiation Hardeness Testing - LEOPARD

Coordinator: National Institute for Laser, Plasma & Radiation Physics (INFLPR)

Period: 20 November 2013 - 19 November 2016

Project director: Ganciu-Petcu Mihai

Project team: 

Description: The LEOPARD project will establish a Centre of Competences in radiation hardness testing, able to exploit existing laser infrastructures at the Centre for Advanced Laser Technologies (CETAL - 1 PW) and the upcoming ELI-NP (2 X 10 PW), in the near future, as well as the complementary research infrastructure and professional expertise of several research groups.

Project objectives: 


WP1 - In depth layout of the project strategy, of work and collaboration strategy between the groups which establish the Centre of Competence

WP2 - Training of young researchers with respect to specific project objectives and increasing the work groups skills in using high power lasers for experiments on particle acceleration in plasma, for different types of targets

WP3 - Preliminary tests performed within the frame of the Centre of Competence, aimed towards laser induced acceleration in plasmas which are fitted to study the response of simple and complex systems which undergo interaction with intense radiation flux

WP4 - Study on implementing an innovative multiple irradiation system using pulsed and synchronized laser accelerated particles, based on the existing facilities at Magurele

Contributions to the STAR program objectives:

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