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Ministry of National Education - ANCS

on 04 August 2014

edu roThe Ministry of Education, as the state authority for research, technological development and innovation, has the following responsibilities in the scientific research, technological development and innovation domains:

  • to define strategic objectives;  
  • to define, apply, monitor and evaluate policies needed to achieve these objectives;  
  • to provide planning activities according to the set objectives;
  • to define the normative and methodological, functional, operational and financial requirements for the implementation of policies;
  • to ensure communication with other public authorities to achieve consistency of government policies;
  • to ensure communication with other civil society structures and citizens;
  • to define, fund, apply, monitor and evaluate programs to achieve the objectives;
  • to foster international partnership development.


ancs 303


The National Authority for Scientific Research is the central public government's institution through which the Ministry of Education carries out its tasks in scientific research. As such, ANCS develops, implements, monitors and evaluates policies, strategies and tools used by the Romanian state to support the scientific research and also the transfer of its results towards the socio-economic environment.