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Video: The assembly of the test model of the Ariane 6’s central core

on 17 October 2022

At Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, a test model of the Ariane 6’s central core has been assembled for the first time. Ariane 6 is the first Ariane rocket to be assembled horizontally, which is simpler and less costly than more traditional vertical assembly.

One of the P120C boosters can be seen from different angles during installation, before the rocket’s central core is moved to its launchpad and placed upright in its mobile gantry. With the central core and boosters in place, combined tests validate compatibility between all components of the complete launch system.

Ariane 6 is Europe’s new-generation launcher, designed to secure guaranteed access to space for Europe at an affordable price for European institutional users.The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) obtained Romania’s participation in the programme for the development of the latest European rocket, Ariane 6, at the ESA Ministerial Council in 2014.

By prioritising Romania's participation in this programme, ROSA provided the space industry in Romania with the opportunity to enrol in the competition for contracts for developing the European launcher's components. 12 State Membre Romania's admission in this program next to only 11 other ESA Member States shows that our country already has competitive industrial capacities and contributes to the technological development, innovation and training in niche areas, reinforcing the role Romania plays in the European and global space strategy.The participating states are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

Europe’s new Ariane 6 launch vehicle will be capable of a wide range of missions.

Ariane 6 will be available in two versions depending on the required performance: Ariane 62 with two strap-on boosters, and Ariane 64 with four.

  • Ariane 62 can launch payloads of approximately 4500 kg into geostationary transfer orbit or 10 300 kg into low Earth orbit.
  • Ariane 64 can launch payloads of approximately 11 500 kg into geostationary transfer orbit and 20 600 kg into low Earth orbit.

Watch the timelapse video of the Ariane 6 assembly here.

Video credit: ESA / Zetapress - M.Pedoussaut