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Watch the Vega-C launch live

on 13 July 2022

ESA’s new Vega-C rocket is nearly ready for its inaugural flight, which is scheduled for lift-off on 13 July, at 14:13 Romanian local time. Romania’s flag is visible on the rocket as Romania is one of the 13 Member States contributing  to Vega-C.

Vega-C represents a dramatic capability boost compared to its predecessor, Vega, which has flown since 2012.

The new launcher configuration delivers a significant improvement in launch system flexibility. Vega-C can orbit larger satellites, two main payloads or can accommodate various arrangements for rideshare missions. ESA’s upcoming Space Rider return-to-Earth vehicle will be launched to orbit on Vega-C.

Its ongoing development and future evolutions, together with Ariane 6, will further increase European competitiveness beyond 2025. This is a response to the rapid growth of worldwide competition and offers a family of configurations based on common building blocks.

Romania is one of the 13 ESA Member States participating in Vega-C.

The launch can be followed live here starting at 13:45 Romanian time.

More details can be found here.

Illustration credit: ESA–J. Huart