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Romania becomes a cooperative member of the European Space Agency - Press Release

on 16 February 2006

Romania is the third of the former INTERCOSMOS countries to obtain the status of European Cooperating State of the European Space Agency (ESA), as the Czech Republic and Hungary. The agreement will be signed in Bucharest in the presence of Prime Minister, DL. Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu, the Secretary of State for Science and Technology, Mr. Anton Anton, the General General of ESA, Mr.. Jean-Jacques Dordain and the Romanian Space Agency President, Mr.. Marius-Ioan Piso, on 17 February 2006.

ESA, established in 1975, is the leading intergovernmental organization in Europe producing high technology and space missions. The 17 member States, of which 13 are members of the European Union, provide an annual budget of about 4 billion of euro, dedicated to European space programs.

Missions of planetary exploration of the planets of the solar system Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Earth observation satellites in the radar and optical fields, the rocket Ariane development, are followed by space applications in various socio - economic and security domains. Recently, ESA and the European Union manages the Galileo programmes, satellite navigation - and GMES, Global Monitoring for Environment and Security.

Since 2005, the European Constitution contains different provisions on exploration and use of outer space.

Romania, through the Romanian Space Agency, is working with ESA for more than a decade, the institutes and specialized laboratories participating since then in several scientific space missions and Earth observation, telecommunications, telemedicine, agriculture, disaster monitoring. applications programs.

Conclusion of the Agreement was made possible by the sustained activity of more than 600 researchers and academics from the national aerospace program, funded by the Ministry of Education and supported by the specialized industry.

Implementing this Agreement will stimulate the participation of Romania in achieving the European knowledge-based society, the EU's main political goal. The national research and technological applications will be integrated in ESA's programs, generating both the highest science and advanced technology export towards the ESA countries. Researchers, academics and youth will have access to ESA space and ground infrastructure and facilities and the industry will benefit from standards systems, quality assurance and industrial property.

After signing the agreement, the National Authority for Scientific Research and the Romanian Space Agency will hold a meeting between the ESA delegation and the scientific and business community and the media on the day of Friday, 17 February 2005, at 16:30, Mendeleev 21-25 Street, room 301.

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