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The 2018 edition of the Copernicus and Space Applications conference

on 15 October 2018

The 2018 edition of the “Copernicus and Space Applications” conference has brought together in Bucharest experts and decision makers from the public and private sectors in order to present the evolution of the most important European space programmes and their applications for Eastern Europe users.

The event took place at the Palace of Parliament, between 11-12 October 2018 and it was organised by the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), together with the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Commission (EC), the Romanian Parliament – the Chamber of Deputies, Subcommittee for Space, and Eurisy. The conference was organised under the auspices of the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation.

The opening session was chaired by Dr. Phys. Marius-Ioan Piso, President of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) and included presentations from representatives of the Romanian Parliament, the Subcommittee for Space, the Ministry of Research and Innovation, the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, the European Space Agency, the European Commission and the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency.

The conference programme for the first day included five sessions. The first session was dedicated to the European Union’s Earth Observation Programme, Copernicus. Claudia Muresan (European Commission) presented the status and evolution of the Copernicus Programme, while Thomas Beer (ESA) talked about the space component of the programme.

In the session dedicated to Galileo, Pierluigi Mancini (ESA) presented the status and evolution of NAVISP, the Navigation Innovation and Support Programme, initiated by ESA.

The third session focused on security programmes. Nicolas Bobrinsky (ESA) presented the status of the „Space Situational Awareness (SSA)” programme, while Mircea Cernat (ROSA) detailed the Romanian efforts in the SSA field.

The fourth session of the first conference day was dedicated to the Govsatcom initiative. Hermann Ludwig Moeller (ESA) presented the ESA Govsatcom Precursor Programme - Preparatory R&D.

During the fifth session, participants explored the applications of the Copernicus Programme in the sector of agriculture. Presentations from Germany, Greece, Romania and Italy put forward ways in which data from the Sentinel satellites of the Copernicus Programme can be used to optimise yields, manage water supplies or monitor and understand the agricultural landscape.

The second day of the conference included a session on accessing Copernicus data, with contributions from ESA, Airbus, EARSC — The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies and ROSA.

The event ended with a roundtable discussion on the topic of data exploitation platforms, moderated by Toby Clark (Eurisy). Contributions were made by representatives from ESA, the National Observatory of Athens, CNES – the French space agency and GODAN — Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition, Great Britain.

The programme of the conference can be accessed here.

The “Copernicus and Space Applications” conference is the key annual event to provide Eastern European users, service providers and citizens with information about Copernicus data exploitation, satellite telecommunications and navigation technologies and the opportunities they create for new applications and business.

Images credit: ROSA

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