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ROSA is a public organization, integral contract-based financed; sources: RTD contracts, consultancy, international cooperation, management.

National Atributes:

  • Acting under the Authority of the Romanian Government - Ministry of Education and Research (1995)‏
  • Reporting to the Sub-commission for Space – RO Parliament (2007)‏
  • Executive president for the Inter-Ministerial Board on Security Research (2004) and Inter-agency INSPIRE Group of experts
  • Interagency coop. : Ministry of Defense, M. Foreign Affairs, M. Agriculture and Environment, M. of Interior, M. Telecomm. and IT, Romanian Intelligence Service
  • Contract authority and PMU for the national RTD Programs on Space, Aeronautics, Security (1995-2008)‏
  • Component of the National Emergencies Council (2000)‏
  • National Certification Authority for GRID information infrastructures (2006)
  • Certified security and classification organizational structure wAuthorized to establish research and development Centers oriented on specific objectives of the Romanian RTD Plan