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Asteroid Day

Asteroid Day small

Asteroid Day is a UN sanctioned global day, organised annually with the purpose to raise awareness about asteroids and how we can protect Earth from dangerous impacts. Asteroid Day was co-founded in 2014 by Dr. Brian May, astrophysicist and lead guitarist for the rock band Queen, Danica Remy, B612 Chief Operations Officer, Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart, and German filmmaker Grig Richters. 

Asteroid Day is held on 30 June each year to mark Earth’s largest asteroid impact in recorded history, the Siberia – Tunguska event, which devastated over 2000 square km, the size of any major metropolitan city.

As of 2017, ROSA has become official partner of the project.

The President of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), Marius-Ioan Piso, declared that "Romania is very interested in planetary defence, especially with regards to Near Earth Objects. Our efforts are concentrated within ESA in space missions such as Proba-3, the AIDA mission and the AIM mission".

Romanian cosmonaut, Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu, who was instrumental in realising theUN Declarationwith the UN COPUOS and the support of the Association of Space Explorers (ASE), explained the crucial role of continued international collaboration: “Planetary defense is well within our capability in the near future. However, reaching our goals will require continued and strong collaboration among government institutions, academic institutions and private organisations to realise both terrestrial and space-based assets. This is why Asteroid Day is so valuable.” 

To learn about all the activities taking place on this day, please visit the Asteroid Day website.