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Registration open for ESA Academy's Concurrent Engineering Workshop 2022

on 11 August 2022

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites university students to participate in the upcoming Concurrent Engineering Workshop, organised by ESA’s Education Office, which will take place between 18 to 21 October 2022 at ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Facility in ESEC-Galaxia, Transinne, Belgium. The deadline for applications is 17 August 2022.

 ESA's Education Office is looking for 30 talented and motivated university students with an engineering or physics background to turn their ideas into satellite concepts with the ESA Academy's Concurrent Engineering Workshop.

The Workshop will take place at ESA Education's Training Centre. Guided by ESA systems engineers, the students will learn about concurrent engineering and its benefits, gaining first-hand experience with the  Concurrent Model-based Engineering Tool (COMET) and identifying design drivers. 

Students will receive a mission brief, then use concurrent engineering to create a spacecraft design. 

The week before the workshop, the selected students will receive some material and follow a two-hour COMET tutorial to familiarise them with the tool.

To participate, students must be minimum of 18 years old, be a citizen of an ESA Member States, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Slovenia, be enrolled as a MSc or PhD student in a university (not graduating before the workshop) and be studying an engineering subject or physics.

ESA will sponsor the selected students. The sponsorship will cover accommodation and meals and up to 300 Euros for travelling to Belgium.

More details here

Image credit: ESA