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Fly Your Satellite! expands with two new pilot programmes: Design Booster and Test Opportunities

on 19 May 2022

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) is inviting university students to join the two new ”Fly Your Satellite!” pilot programmes: Design Booster and Test Opportunities.

ESA Education’s Fly Your Satellite! is a world-class initiative that helps university students to design, build, and fly fully-functional CubeSats into space. The programme is now expanding with two exciting new strands.

Fly Your Satellite! Design Booster

Student teams that have a preliminary design for their 1-, 2-, 3-, or 6-unit CubeSat, and want to consolidate their design with support from ESA, will be very interested in Design Booster!

This 18-month programme will see selected teams be trained in running analyses and performing trade-offs to make important design choices for their mission. ESA experts will be on-hand to provide valuable feedback and help consolidate designs.

Fly Your Satellite! Test Opportunities

Teams that have already assembled their hardware will be pleased to learn of Test Opportunities, which gives the chance to verify equipment, payloads, experiments, or entire nanosatellites before their trip to space.

Making use of superb facilities at the CubeSat Support Facility in ESEC (Belgium), selected teams will receive support for the preparation and execution of a dedicated test campaign. Their hardware will be put through its paces using equipment including a Thermal Vacuum Chamber, Thermal Oven, and Electrodynamic Shaker, simulating the harsh environment experienced during launch and in orbit.

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Image credit ESA