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The Bulgarian Aerospace Agency, known as the Space Research Institute or SRI, founded in 1969, is one of the oldest space agencies in the world. SRI conducts research activities related to outer space, including research in astrophysics and it is also involved in the development of satellite applications, control systems and automatic navigation spacecrafts.

SRI has a considerable experience in space sciences and space research, given that many Bulgarians scientists were involved in various space programs of the Soviet Union. The Bulgarian Aerospace Agency has also managed to send a man into space, becoming the sixth nation in the world to have achieved this goal, in 1979.

The activity domain of SRI-BAS (Space Research Institute - Bulgarian Academy of Science) range from fundamental and applied investigations in space physics, astrophysics, image processing, remote sensing, scientific equipment, preparation and execution of experiments for space research, research on control, air and spacecraft systems and related equipment, to material and space technologies creation activities and their transfer in the national economy, to which adds the post-university and master education.

In 1997, the Romanian Space Agency and the Bulgarian Aerospace Agency signed a cooperation agreement on the peaceful exploration and use of outer space.