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The European Defense Agency - EDA supports the European Council and the Member States in their efforts to improve the EU's defense capabilities through cooperation projects and programs.

It works on the basis of a new approach that brings together the entire spectrum of defense, adapting the work to the military needs of tomorrow and providing different solutions, often innovative.

Since its founding in 2004, EDA and participating Member States have launched major projects, encouraging the cooperation and sharing of capabilities in areas such as Counter-IED, maritime surveillance, cyber defense, Air-to-Air refueling or availability of helicopters etc. Meanwhile, the agency also conducts technology and research projects, is working on initiatives to support the European defense industry and shows an innovative approach, proving to be an pragmatic, efficient and result-oriented organization. It offers multi-national solutions in a period where capacity gaps can't be overcome by a Member State individually.

The Minister of National Defence is the institution that represents Romania in the EDA Steering Board, composed of the ministers of defense (EDA Steering Board in Defence Ministers formation-MOD SB). The mandate for participation at the SB MOD meetings is aproved by memorandum by the Prime Minister of Romania. After the meetings, the Prime Minister of Romania will be informed about the discussions, conclusions and decisions.