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EURISY develosp bridges between the space domain and society and emphasizes the awareness on emerging satellite applications that can help professional communication in various fields: from transport to risk management, from habitat protection to energy, from climate change to internet and more.

Based on direct experience with end-users, the EURISY provides feedback to the decision makers regarding the measures required to overcome any obstacles in the spatial diffusion of innovations towards society, identifies users of satellite applications and promotes the exchange of experiences by organizing workshops, conferences case studies, electronic and printed materials.

EURISY also works closely with end users to observe, understand and document the obstacles and opportunities that arise in the diffusion of innovations from space.

The organization has strong links with local and regional authorities, SMEs, large companies and public institutions across Europe, which allowed it to act as a catalyst for the dissemination of geospatial services. EURISY currently includes 40 government offices and space agencies, international organizations, research institutions and private companies involved in space related activities or, more generally, scientific and technological activities.

The Romanian Space Agency is a member of EURISY (the complete list of members is available here).