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Coordinator: ROSA - The Romanian Space Agency


  • Bitnet - Sensors and Systems Research Center
  • University "Politehnica" of Bucharest - Continue Automation, Processes and Computers Research Centre,
  • Institute of Space Sciences - ISS
  • National Institute for Aerospace Research "Elie Carafoli" - INCAS
  • University "Polytechnic" Bucharest - Research Center for Aeronautics and Space


Project director:


FormUAV is a system of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - UAV) autonomously flying in formation. Band members are equipped with observation and reconnaissance systems, are network connected and are using distributed algorithms for combined processing of information.

FormUAV finds its application in surveillance and monitoring techniques for security and civilian applications.



1 - Flying in formation (1 item) UPB-CCAS, Incas:

  • analysis of international and national organizations' regulations for civil UAVs (ICAO, JAA, EASA, EUROCONTROL, AAvC etc.)
  • complete definition of system requirements and establishment of flight tests;
  • determining mathematical models of the dynamics of UAVs used in typical flight regimes; linear approximations; handling performance analysis;
  • analysis of in formation aerodynamic flight effects; changes in aerodynamic coefficients compared to "isolated" UAV flights;
  • generation of formation flight paths

2 - Automatic UAV Control System (1 items) UPB-CCAS, UPB-ACPC, Incas:

  • autonomous control system design for UAVs: estabishment of the system for transducers; filtering algorithm;
  • Synthesis of inner loop for the control of the relative position from the center of the band; comparative analysis of the performance obtained by methods of optimal control and dynamic inversion for different band structures (Leader / Wingmen structures and those based on the geometrical center of the band); band stability analysis;
  • control system hardware and software implementation;
  • synthesis of band control system for default trajectory tracking (speed adjustment, longitudinal attitude, head angle); analysis of robustness performances stability against modeling uncertainties; numerical simulation of the automatic trajectory tracking and geometry formation keeping system; setting the automatic control system configuration in formation flight;
  • ground testing of formation flight control system

3 - inter-unit communication systems and with ground station (1 item) UPB-ACPC, ROSA, ISS, Bitnet:

  • defining system communication architecture between flying band members: design, analysis of information encryption methods and design of communication system of UAVs formation with the ground station: setting the configuration and flow commands definition, telemetry and video data stream;
  • obtaining licenses for frequency transceiver;
  • establishing communication systems betweenflying band members;
  • establishing communication systems between flying band members flying and ground station;
  • implementation of communication protocols;
  • communications system testing

4 - Image acquisition system (1 item) ROSA, UPB-ACPC, ISS, INCAS::

  • acquisition system design, processing and transmission of video information to the ground: settig the configuration, the choice of sensors and image processors, optical system design;
  • hardware and software implementation of the acquisition, processing and transmission of video information system.
  • defining of modeling algorithms and identifying the positions of the targets by using the method of thee least multi-dimensional squares (MCMMP-M), the Markov method and Kalman-Bucy filter;
  • image acquisition system testing

5 - Pilot system development and test (1 item). All partners:

  • UAVs flight testing. Identification and refining of dynamic model;
  • UAVs equipping with control, communications, video data acquisition and video transmission systems;
  • UAVs pilot system testing

6 - Project Management (1 item) ROSA:

  • perform the necessary activities to fulfill quality requests: project organization and planning, identifying responsibilities of the consortium members, establishing procedures to monitor and control financial and technical-scientific activities;
  • monitoring the activities of the project: preparation of the management plan, establishment of working methods and related activities;
  • providing information and communication management: ensuring communication flow between consortium members, achieving good external communications;
  • preparation of projects for international cooperation


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