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AirTN - Air Transport Net

PROJECT TITLE: AirTN - Air Transport Net (AirTN)

Coordinator: Germany - Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour

Partners: Romanian Space Agency - ROSA + 28 other partners


Project Director:


Project objectives:

  • Growth and competitiveness are important objectives along with sustainable development and addressing environmental goals.
  • Another important aim of AirTN is a greater awareness regarding research and development mechanism, which already exists in Europe (such as ACARE).
  • Also, the project aims to attract new state States to benefit small countries that have not yet developed aviation industry.


WP1 - Management and coordination
WP2 - Virtual laboratory
WP3 - Exchange of information on national research programs in the field of aeronautics
WP4 - An overview of the global aeronautical field
WP5 - Bottom - up - meeting between national expert from each partner country in the project, on some topics defined in the project
WP6 - Development of thematic forums with participation at the European level
WP7 - Best practices/joint activities
ROSA activities in the project were divided on all 7 work packages and consisted of the completion of all project activities provided for it, by its end in 2009. The activities ROSA was involved in were:
WP Management / Coordination - participation in project management meetings and implementation of necessary reports
WP 2 Virtual Lab 3 - providing the partner responsible for achieving and maintaining the project web page, the necessary information from the Romanian partner
WP3 Info Exchange - providing and discussion during the meetings organised on the subject, of data related to aeronautics research activities developed at national level in Romania
WP 4 Global RTD landscape - discussion and support of the project partners involved in the study dedicated to the global aeronautical domain


Project webpage: AirTN - Air Transport Net