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PROJECT TITLE: Continuation Of the cooperation of Space NCPs as a Means to Optimise Services — COSMOS+

Coordinator: Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V., DE

Partners: Romanian Space Agency - ROSA


Project Director:


In June 2008 the Space National Contact Points (NCPs) from 33 EU member states and FP7 associated countries started COSMOS, the “Cooperation Of Space NCPs as a Means to Optimise Services”.

Project objectives:

Such projects for the first time allowed having joint trainings and staff exchange and organising joint information days on open thematic calls as international matchmaking opportunities. Such activities lead to improved and more balanced overall quality of NCP services. Through this they finally aim at raising the average quality level of project proposals.


Through practical experience, the partners learned about effective exchanges, joint activities, and about each other's needs. COSMOS + is based on these experiences and moves forward in strengthening the NCP's capacity to build and maximize the quality of its services for spatial customers in Europe and beyond.

The integration of new Member States/third countries will be achieved, fostering contacts between three different groups, including: COSMOS+ partners through an exchange system, with other countries through a mentorship system and with stakeholders: Good Practice, Transfer to FP8 NCP activities, outreach and awareness management.

Project webpage: COSMOS+