on 23 July 2014

PROJECT TITLE: Knowledge Management Infrastructure — KAMI 

Coordinator: Imtech ICT Romania


Period: October 2012 - September 2015

Project director: Petre Pupaza 

Project team: 16 specialists 

Description: The project consists in establishing IT and knowledge infrastructure  by integrating some different components / applications using SAP technology, particularly Netweaver platform. This will contribute to a better management of the space related activities in relation with ESA.

Project objectives:


A1.1. Project Plan

A1.2. Project Book

A1.3. System Architecture  Draft

A2.1. System Update

A2.2. SAP NetWwaver Portal Instalation

A2.3. Business Blueprint

A2.4. Testing

A3.1. Configuration

A3.2. Testing

A4.1. Go-Live preparation

A4.2. Go-Live

Contributions to the STAR programme objectives:

The project will improve the capacity of STAR competitions analysis.