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The European Space Agency (ESA) is announcing an opportunity for scientists involved in Earth observation to submit proposals for the next potential Earth Explorer satellite mission.

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Today, 20 November 2015, the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) celebrates 20 years since its foundation as a public institution with legal personality enforced by Government Decision no. 923/20.11.1995.

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Individuals who want to learn more about Earth observation, climate change and monitoring climate from space, but also decision makers, educators and communicators interested in gaining a better insight into how satellite data can help them assess the state of our climate and its changes, are invited to register for the Monitoring Climate from Space free online course.

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Update 1 December: Due to a technical issue the launch of LISA Pathfinder was postponed most probably until 3 December. Details here.

LISA Pathfinder, the mission of the European Space Agency (ESA), which will also carry a NASA payload, will be launched by a Vega rocket from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana on 2 December 2015 and will be placed into a slightly elliptical parking orbit.

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Europe’s fifth and sixth Galileo satellites – subject to complex salvage manoeuvres following their launch last year into incorrect orbits – will help to perform an ambitious year-long test of Einstein’s most famous theory.

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