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The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites you to join the ‘ESA Champions’ award initiative. This is a campaign addressed to creators and communicators in order to recognise and reward their passion and advocacy for space. The initiative will end on 12 December, and the winning ESA Champions will be announced in January.

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The magnetic and particle environment around Mercury was sampled by BepiColombo for the first time during the mission’s close flyby of the planet at 199 km on 1-2 October 2021, while the huge gravitational pull of the planet was felt by its accelerometers.

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Romanian experts have been involved in research initiatives based on space remote sensing since early stages and therefore have gained a vast experience in using the most advanced techniques and technologies in this field.

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The Institute of Space Science and the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy operate a system of two telescopes installed on the same mount that contribute to European Space Surveillance and Tracking efforts.

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On 25 October, the „Space2030” Agenda was adopted by the United Nations with wide approval. The resolution, offering the global community a blueprint to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by tapping into the data, technology, innovative products and other tools gained through space exploration, is a landmark success of Romanian space diplomacy.

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