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Announcement of Opportunity for interdisciplinary scientists in the JUICE mission

on 09 March 2015

ESA released an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for the participation of the scientific community in the role of Interdisciplinary Scientists (IDSs) in the JUICE mission. Proposals are due by 15 April 2015 and shall be preceded by a mandatory Letter of Intent due by 20 March 2015. The Announcement Letter is available here.  

The JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) is the first large-class mission within ESA's Cosmic Vision programme. It aims at a comprehensive exploration of the Jovian system with particular emphasis on Jupiter, its environment, and Galilean moons Ganymede, Europa and Callisto, by investigating them as planetary bodies and potential habitats. The planned launch date is June 2022 with a back-up opportunity in August 2023.

Following the adoption of JUICE by ESA's Science Programme Committee at its meeting in November 2014, the mission is now in its implementation phase. The goal during this phase will be to harmonise the on-going work within the JUICE Science Working Team (SWT) and complement activities by the IDSs in areas that require dedicated interdisciplinary attention, for a successful mission development.

ESA aims to appoint up to three IDSs for an initial period of three years, renewable. ESA intends to release additional AOs at a later stage for different mission phases.

This AO is open to scientists from the worldwide scientific community.

Full details of this AO are available in the information package, which contains:

  • JUICE Science Management Plan (SMP); ESA/SPC(2012)20
  • JUICE Definition Study Report (Red Book); ESA/SRE(2014)1

Further details are available on the AO page

Image credit: ESA/AOESESA/AOES