Space Mining identifying resources on other celestial bodies

on 03 March 2014

Given the fact that the Earth's resources are limited and that most of resources such as gold, cobalt, nickel, platinum and other rare metals came from asteroids that had hit Earth's crust immediately after its cooling, space mining is an obvious solution to enable us to continue to benefit from the technological applications that we have today.

The asteroids and the Moon are the first targets identified by private companies, which plan to start space mining activities in 10 to 20 years' time. Although we have the necessary technologies owing to the scientific missions which were developed by governmental agencies, this initiative still raises financial problems. Moreover, there are debates on topics such as Space Law, on the right of companies to extract resources from celestial bodies and then to market them, but also on the conservation of these celestial bodies for scientific research.

 Virgil Pop, a researcher at the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) and a specialist in Space Law, presented current regulations on how we may exploit the resources of other celestial bodies and how we can use them, in an interview for Yahoo News Romania.

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