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ESA's Euclid mission - important milestone

on 20 June 2012

ESA’s Euclid mission to explore the hidden side of the Universe – dark energy and dark matter – reached an important milestone today that will see it head towards full construction.

Selected in October 2011 alongside Solar Orbiter as one of the first two medium-class missions of the Cosmic Vision 2015–25 plan, Euclid received final approval from ESA’s Science Programme Committee to move into the full construction phase, leading to its launch in 2020.

The committee also formalised an agreement between ESA and funding agencies in a number of its Member States to develop Euclid’s two scientific instruments, a visible-wavelength camera and a near-infrared camera/spectrometer, and the large distributed processing system needed to analyse the data they produce.

The committee also agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding between ESA and NASA that will see the US space agency help to provide infrared detectors. The Romanian Space Agency – ROSA – is among the Euclid founding agencies and the Institute for Space Sciences (ISS) represents Romania in the Euclid Consortium.