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Registrations open for ESA Open Day 2020

on 29 September 2020

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites all those interested to take part in the virtual ESA Open Day at ESTEC 2020. The annual event takes place on Sunday 4 October from 13:00 to 15:30 CEST; participants will be able to roam from online room to room as well as raise questions and make points in the Open Day's talks, demonstrations and tours.

To participate in the ninth annual ESA Open Day at ESTEC 2020 requires registration, with one registration required per household. For people interested in following along without actively participating there will also be a live video feed via ESA Web TV.

Continuing COVID-19 restrictions make it impossible to let people on site in person, but participants will still enjoy virtual tours of the extensive establishment, get unique close-up views of space hardware and interact directly with astronauts and space experts.

Participants will sign in to a virtual auditorium, then be free to choose which ‘rooms’ they attend. Many of the most popular highlights of previous years will be on offer, including space careers talks from ESA Human Resources, details of ESA Education’s work with school and university students and a session from Space Rocks, celebrating space exploration and the art and culture it inspires.

The ESA Open Day at ESTEC 2020 will have the theme of ‘ESA and the Environment’.

For details and registration, please visit this link.

Image credit: ESA