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Romanian App using Galileo data aiding Covid-19 reaction

on 30 April 2020

Romanian company RISE has developed an app called CovTrack which can let you know whether you have been in contact with somebody confirmed with Covid-19. The app works by monitoring the persons made identifiable via Bluetooth connections to your mobile phone and storing the identification data of these devices.

By pressing a button you can access the database in which the unique identifiers of the mobile phones are registered (without having access to any personal data of these mobile phone users), to verify whether the persons with whom you came in contact have subsequently been confirmed with Covid-19. If you have identified a potential contact, you can refer to the relevant authorities whether that contact requires your inclusion among the monitored persons, or even testing for Covid-19.

CovTrack, developed on a pro-bono basis, is a spin-off from the existing AGORA project for festival management, supported through ESA’s Navigation Innovation and Support Programme (NAVISP) , focused on future navigation technologies.

The app is one of the many examples of how satnav-based location data helps monitor the global spread of the virus and to map outbreaks of the Covid-19 disease. Satnav based apps are also proving their usefulness by helping people to implement social distancing in public spaces.

Image source: RISE