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European Space Talks share your passion for space

on 06 August 2019

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites space enthusiasts to register an event for the second edition of European Space Talks, an outreach initiative to promote space in the Member States of the European Space Agency (ESA). Events can take place until 31 October 2019.

Both professionals and amateurs are encouraged to gather in big or small groups and share their passion for space — whether it is a group of friends meeting for coffee, a guest speaker coming to a classroom, or a big public event with space scientists and engineers on stage.

The theme of this edition is “The Moon” in honour of the 50th anniversary since the first steps taken on the Moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. The events can take place until 31 October 2019.

To set up and run a Space Talk, simply register as an event organiser here and download the communication kit. Then you will add a  time, place and a description for the event and you will be able to upload speaker profiles.

For publicity purposes, users are encouraged to use the hashtag #SpaceTalks when promoting the event online. The posts using #spacetalks will appear on the space talks website called "Space2Inspire".

European Space Talks is a grassroots campaign, based on the members of the European space community organising activities from June to October 2019. These activities can be organised by schools, school clubs or astronomy clubs, universities, research institutes, space industry or any other entity wishing to promote space to the general public. Last year’s talks ranged from audiences of a few dozen to several hundred, and have no limit.

At European level, at least 25 000 people across 26 countries took part in a Space Talk in 2018, including a grand finale at Frankfurt Airport, with many more people getting involved online.

The list of events from Romania will be available here.