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The Romanian flag on the new Ariane 6 launcher

on 09 December 2018

In this image the Romanian flag can be seen on the mock-up of an Ariane 6 launcher, at the European Spaceport in French Guiana. In the background, the launching pad is currently being built. The new launcher is due to start operations in 2021.

Ariane 6 is Europe’s new-generation launcher, designed to secure guaranteed access to space for Europe at an affordable price for European institutional users. Romania is one of the 13 states that participate at the development of the new European launchers.

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) obtained Romania’s participation in the programme for the development of the latest European rocket, Ariane 6, at the ESA Ministerial Council in 2014. By prioritising Romania's participation in this programme, ROSA provided the space industry in Romania with the opportunity to enrol in the competition for contracts for developing the European launcher's components. Romania's admission in this programme shows that our country already has competitive industrial capacities and will further contribute to the technological development, innovation and training in niche areas, reinforcing the role Romania plays in the European and global space strategy.

Image credit: CNES

2018 12 Ariane6 drapel A

2018 12 Ariane6 drapel B