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The 3rd European Space Generation Workshop takes place in Bucharest

on 09 March 2018

Today, 9 March 2018, the 3rd edition of the European Space Generation Workshop started in Bucharest. Gathering young professionals and students working in the space sector, the event is organised under the theme „One Space, One Europe” and it is hosted by the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania.

The two-day regional event will bring together Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree candidates, young professionals, experts, academia, space agencies and industry representatives to network and exchange know-how.

The 100 delegates, aged between 18 and 35 years old, from all around Europe, will look at relevant and upcoming space sector challenges and opportunities, targeted to support future European and global policy initiatives, encourage youth contribution to space and enhance cross-country cooperation.

From space entrepreneurship to space exploration, emerging new actors, sustainability, and applications, these are all critical questions facing the space and international community at large, which delegates will address through a series of workshops, panels and guest presentations.

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) is among the Workshop Support Sponsors of the event.

More information is available here.

Image credit: SGAC