Answer of the Romanian Space Agency regarding the recent public disinformation campaign

on 03 April 2013

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) finds a serious public disinformation and the denigration of theRomanian Space Agency institution, of the scientific, research and industry enviroment and of the people in this area. In this sense, states the following:


1. ROSA will not enter into dispute with a self-promoting NGO (1) or the media organizations which is not respecting the objectivity of the press (2)

(1) Media partnerships, sections in publications etc.

(2) The initiator of this campaign of denigration is, whose editor is Mr.. Adrian Cercelescu while Mrs. Monica Cercelescu is marketing manager of ARCA.

2. ROSA as a national authority will not enter into disputes with the same NGO which in the national competition for R & D projects - STAR (2012) submitted four proposals, and this projects did not achieve the required score for their inclusion on the list of projects proposed for funding (3). ARCA project proposals were the runners 95, 104, 105 and 114 of a total of 117 CDI evaluated proposals. Evaluation of project proposals was made in accordance with the law of independent valuators, Romanian and foreign, being legally final and irrevocable.

(3) The National competition for R & D projects - STAR (2012) is not the only competition in which the same NGO hasn't obtained a score necessary for the inclusion of the proposal (s) in the category of funded projects. For example, this situation is found in the competition "1st Call for Outline Proposals under the Romanian Industry Incentive Scheme" (2012), a competition launched by the European Space Agency, the expert evaluators being from the European Space Agency.

3. ROSA is responsible for the good reputation of the Romanian spae scientific, industrial and technological community, which is why we will investigate the case seriously, and we publish the results of this public misinformation.

Meanwhile, we encourage the public to verify any information collected from several sources, and ROSA is at the media disposal for any information at rosa_hq at